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Class III β-tubulin, otherwise known as βIII-tubulin or β-tubulin III, is a microtubule element of the tubulin family found almost exclusively in neurons, and in testis cells. In humans, it is encoded by the TUBB3 gene. It is possible to use monoclonal antibodies and immunohistochemistry to identify neurons in samples of brain tissue, separating neurons from glial cells, which do not express Class III β-tubulin. Class III β-tubulin is one of the seven β-tubulin isotypes identified in. β-Tubulin belongs to the subfamily of tubulin, which is the major building block of microtubules. β-Tubulin has a molecular weight of 55kDa. β-Tubulin structure is characterized with core of two β-sheets enclosed by α-helices. It also contains an N-terminal domain with the guanine nucleotide-binding region, an intermediate domain with taxol-binding site, and a C-terminal domain that contains the binding surface for molecular motor proteins Anti-β Tubulin Antibody, clone 10G11 ZooMAb ® Rabbit Monoclonal. 1 Product Result | Match Criteria: Product Name, Descriptio

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Tubulin je dimerní protein, skládající se z dvou podjednotek - alfa-tubulinu a beta-tubulinu.Je především základní složkou mikrotubulů a tyto tvoří důležitou součást cytoskeletu eukaryotických buněk. V této formě je přítomen u všech eukaryotních organismů. Mimo to byly objeveny některé další typy tubulinu, jako gama-tubulin (přítomný v organizačním centru. α- i β-tubulin se polimeriziraju u dinamičke mikrotubule.Kod eukariota, mikrotubule su jedna od glavnih komponenti citoskeleta i funkcioniraju u mnogim procesima, uključujući i strukturnu potporu, unutarćelijskog transporta i segregaciju DNK.Mikrotubule su sastavljene od proteinskih dimera α- i β-tubulina. Ove podjedinice su blago kisele, sa izoelektričnom tačkom između 5,2 and 5,8. Tubulin is highly conserved across species, reflecting the sequence constraints imposed by microtubule structure and function. However, both α- and β-subunits exist in several isotypic forms and undergo a large variety of posttranslational modifications. Tubulin assembly and disassembly, which are linked to GTP hydrolysis, make the. The β-Tubulin Antibody detects endogenous levels of total β-tubulin protein, and does not cross-react with recombinant α-tubulin. Species Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, Zebrafish, Bovine. Species predicted to react based on 100% sequence homology: Xenopu

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  1. β-Tubulin 抗原別名: Tubulin β Tubulin b Tubulin, beta subunit M40 MGC117247 MGC16435 OK/SW-CL.56 TUBB1 TUBB2 TUBB5 Tubulin Beta (TUBB) β-Tubulin Tubulin beta chain (TUBB5, TUBB2) Tubulin-Beta beta-Tubulin M40, MGC117247, MGC16435, OK/SW-cl.56, TUBB1, TUBB5 TUBB: サブクラス: IgG
  2. β Tubulin Antibody (D-10) is a high quality monoclonal beta Tubulin antibody suitable for the detection of the beta Tubulin protein of mouse, rat and human origin. β Tubulin Antibody (D-10) is available as both the non-conjugated anti-beta Tubulin antibody form, as well as multiple conjugated forms of anti-beta Tubulin antibody, including agarose, HRP, PE, FITC and multiple Alexa Fluor.
  3. Fig. 2.The tubulin-folding pathway. This diagram shows the folding pathway for the tubulin heterodimer. First, both α- and β-tubulin (colored as in Fig. 1) nascent chains associate with prefoldin (blue volume), which delivers them to the chaperonin CCT (beige volume), allowing for folding.Each of the monomers then binds distinct cofactors (α-tubulin with cofactor A and β-tubulin with.

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Microtubules are highly dynamic structures that play an integral role in fundamental cellular functions. Different α- and β-tubulin isotypes are thought to confer unique dynamic properties to microtubules. The tubulin isotypes have highly conserved structures, differing mainly in their carboxy-terminal (C-terminal) tail sequences. However, little is known about the importance of the C. β-tubulin (B) the E198A mutation res ults in the formation of additional β-strands (β 8, β 9, β 10 and β 11). ( C and D ) Superposition of MBC-sensitive (cyan) and MBC-resistant (gray) P. x. The tubulin molecule is an α/β heterodimer. In most eukaryotes both α-and β-tubulin consist of isotypes encoded by different genes and differing in amino acid sequence. Differences among isotypes are often highly conserved in evolution, suggesting that they have functional significance Tubulin is phosphorylated on Ser-172 by CDK1 during cell cycle progression. Ser-172 phosphorylation inhibits tubulin incorporation into microtubules.Microtubules, the major cytoskeletal elements found in all eukaryotic cells, consist of Tubulin, which is a dimer of two 55 kDa subunits: alpha and Beta. Microtubules play key roles in chromosome.

A total of 71 strains of P. expansum were scored for resistance to thiabendazole and the β-tubulin gene was sequenced. Out of 71 strains, 37 were sensitive and 34 were resistant to thiabendazole. Regarding the β-tubulin gene sequence, 10 different genetic types were determined, with a 99.7-100% similarity Furthermore, T007-1 exerted a degradative effect on tubulin isoforms possessing Cys-239 (β2, β4, and β5(β)) but not those containing Ser-239 (β3, β6) or mutant β-tubulin with a C239S substitution. Three small molecules (T138067, EBI, and AITC) also reported to bind covalently to Cys-239 of β-tubulin similarly induced tubulin degradation The key difference between Alpha and Beta Tubulin is that the alpha tubulin contains Asp-254 at the E-site while the beta-tubulin contains Lys-254 at the N-site. Apart from that, GTP is always attached to alpha-tubulin subunit, while at the beta-tubulin subunit, GTP is exchangeable for the microfilaments to polymerize.. Microtubules are a part of the cytoskeleton of the eukaryotic cell cytoplasm Here, we show that a component of the microtubules themselves, the β-tubulin tubb6, plays a part. Overexpressing tubb6 perturbs the WT microtubule network while knocking down tubb6 improves the mdx microtubule network. In contrast, increasing or knocking down the similar β-tubulin tubb5 is inconsequential Tubulin+beta III Tubulin+beta Tubulin+alpha Tubulin+beta I Tubulin+beta IV Tubulin+beta II Tubulin+T (2) Tubulin+c-Jun+beta III Tubulin+Glucocorticoid Receptor+Estrogen Receptor+Gli3+Cytochrome P450 3A4/CY (1) Modifications Clear. Unmodified (95) phospho S172 (1) Applications.

Anti-β-tubulin antibodies (Fig. 5, lane 2) precipitated β-tubulin (55 kDa,filled arrow), as well as four other bands (open arrows) of molecular weight of 85, 75, 14, and 12 kDa. We conclude that actin and β-tubulin are among the proteins synthesized by distal axons of cultured rat sympathetic neurons Human β-Tubulin 3 is a 50,432 dalton structural protein (450 amino acid) expressed in neurons of the PNS and CNS. It contributes to microtubule stability in neuronal cell bodies and axons, and plays a role in axonal transport Tubulin β 3 is a 450 amino acid protein with a molecular mass of ~50 kD. Distribution Tissue distribution: central and peripheral nervous system. Cellular distribution: cytosol, cytoskeleton and nucleus. Function Tubulin β 3 is the major constituent of microtubules, and plays a critical role in proper axon guidance and maintenance

Tubulin is composed of a heterodimer of two closely related 55 kDa proteins called α and β tubulin. These two proteins are encoded by separate genes, or small gene families, whose sequences are highly conserved throughout the eukaryotic kingdom In addition, the lowest content of β-tubulin was detected in dry, mature seeds. Imbibition in water and cold stratification resulted in a decrease in the number of nuclei in G2, and a simultaneous increase in β-tubulin content. In germinated seeds the content of β-tubulin was the highest and the number of cells in G2 was the lowest The ß-tubulin family includes six expressed genes that produce the polypeptide isoforms known as Classes I through VI, each of which have a distinct pattern of expression. Class III ß-tubulin is found in neurons and mammalian testis cells and is widely used as a neuronal marker in developmental neurobiology, neoplasia, and stem cell research Globular tubulin subunits comprise the microtubule building block, with α/β-tubulin heterodimers forming the tubulin subunit common to all eukaryotic cells. γ-tubulin is required to nucleate polymerization of tubulin subunits to form microtubule polymers. Many cell movements are mediated by microtubule action, including the beating of cilia.

Amino acid 45 of β-tubulin, the residue altered in mutant Cmd4, for example, lies near the surface of a large H1/S2 loop that is believed to form lateral interactions with β-tubulin on the adjacent protofilament . Similarly, CV 2-8 has an alteration (E55K) in the same loop of α-tubulin Chickens were immunized with three synthetic peptide / keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) conjugates. These synthetic peptides corresponded to different regions of the β-Tubulin 3 gene product, but are shared between the human (NP_AAL28094, NCBI) and rat (AAM28438, NCBI) protein sequences A protein subunit of microtubules; it is a dimer composed of two globular polypeptides, α-tubulin and β-tubulin. See also: dynein bled β-tubulin conformation: although the core structure of FtsZ is very similar to that of both tubulin monomers, the second domain appears to be rotated by about 11°; also, the FtsZ monomer is 7.5% longer than the assembled tubulin monomers, which seems to be due mainly to a shift in the positions of helix H8 and loop T7 that are attached.

(sc-9104) β Tubulin Antibody (H-235) This product has been discontinued by Santa Cruz Biotechnology, but remains here on CiteAb for record purposes. Antibody inf In humans, there are five subgroups of tubulin: α-Tubulin, β-Tubulin, γ-Tubulin, δ and ε-Tubulin, and ζ-Tubulin. β-Tubulin is of particular interest because it forms a type of microtubule. Popis na stránkách výrobce. Nabídka zatím neobsahuje žádné položky! Men Although chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is presumed to be an autoimmune disorder, no neural antigen has been recognized as an immune target. We found that serum IgM from a patient with CIDP and an IgM paraprotein reacted with a 53-kd protein by Western blot analysis. Amino acid sequence analysis identified this protein as β-tubulin γ-Tubulin Urvashi Patel and Tim Stearns1 What is it? γ-Tubulin is a member of the tubulin superfamily and is required for nucleating the polymerization of microtubules in vivo. Microtubules are dynamic cytoskeletal polymers that assemble from two other members of the tubulin superfamily, α-tubulin and β-tubulin. Microtubules make u

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The building block of a microtubule is the tubulin subunit, a heterodimer of α- and β-tubulin. Both of these monomers are found in all eukaryotes, and their sequences are highly conserved. TUBB3 is primarily expressed in neurons and may be involved in neurogenesis and axon guidance and maintenance Beta Tubulin was immunoprecipitated using 0.5mg Hela whole cell extract, 5µg of Rabbit polyclonal to Tubulin and 50µl of protein G magnetic beads (+). No antibody was added to the control (-). The antibody was incubated under agitation with Protein G beads for 10min, Hela whole cell extract lysate diluted in RIPA buffer was added to each. Distinct bands of polyubiquitinated β-tubulin were recognized by both anti-ubiquitin and anti-β-tubulin (bands d), whereas bands f probably represented partially degraded ubiquitinated β-tubulin. The ability of the β-tubulin antibody to immunoprecipitate the protein itself was confirmed by the presence of band e, which was a little smaller.

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Figure 1. β-CTT promotes microtubule dynamics. (A) Western blot of tubulin after a time course of subtilisin digestion. Porcine brain tubulin was treated with 1% subtilisin for indicated times at 30°C. Blots were probed with anti-β-tubulin (top), anti-α-tubulin (middle), and anti-α-tyrosinated tubulin (bottom) The novel tubulin inhibitor VERU-111 is a first-in-class next-generation oral MTA, which targets both α and β tubulin, binding at the α-β tubulin interface and targeting the colchicine binding. Fungicides act on β-tubulin by inhibiting the assembly of heterodimers of α- and β-tubulin into microtubules, which are vital to various cellular processes such as cell signaling, cell motility, cell division, and mitosis . β-tubulin-targeting agents may bind to the protein at any of four sites: laulimalide, taxane/epothilone, vinca.

We report the cloning and sequencing of 18 mutant alleles of the benA, β‐tubulin gene of Aspergillus nidulans that confer resistance to the benzimidazole antifungal, antimicrotubule compounds benomyl, carbendazim, nocodazole, and thia‐bendazole. In 12 cases, amino acid 6 was changed from histidine to tyrosine or leucine. In four cases, amino acid 198 was changed from glutamic acid to. Epothilones are a new class of microtubule stabilizing agents with promising preclinical and clinical activity. Their cellular target is β-tubulin and factors influencing intrinsic sensitivity to epothilones are not well understood. In this study, the functional significance of specific β-tubulin isotypes in intrinsic sensitivity to epothilone B was investigated using siRNA gene knockdown.

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β-Tubulin III belongs to the tubulin family. Tubulin is the major constituent of microtubules. It forms dimers of alpha and beta chains. One mole of tubulin binds to two moles of GTP, one at an exchangeable site on the beta chain and one at a non-exchangeable site on the alpha chain. β-Tubulin. Tubulin is the major constituent of microtubules. It binds two moles of GTP, one at an exchangeable site on the beta chain and one at a non-exchangeable site on the alpha-chain. It is a dimer of alpha (α) and beta (β) chains. β-tubulin is ubiquitously expressed with highest levels in spleen, t.. This Anti-β-Tubulin Antibody, clone AA2 is validated for use in WB for the detection of β-Tubulin. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information

In this study, we quantitatively measured in vivo how α/β tubulin, in the form of soluble monomers as well as microtubule polymers, is distributed across the centrosome in C. elegans one-cell embryos. We show that centrosomes concentrate soluble α/β tubulin by about 10-fold over the cytoplasm, reaching up to 470 µM Transposition of the human F265L mutation to yeast β-tubulin is non-lethal. The sequence and protein structure of β-tubulin is highly conserved between the different human isotypes (from 99.55% identity between TUBB2A and TUBB2B to 77.25% between TUBB1 and TUBB8) and across species (Ludueña, 1993).The TUB2B Phenylalanine 265 residue is mutated to leucine in a human brain disease (Bahi.

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md_caffeiner Vinca is a plant alkaloid and it has vinblastin, vincristine, which bind β-tubulin and inhibit its polymerization into microtubules Paclitaxel hyperstabilizes and prevents breakdown, its not a Vinca alkaloid. (FA+Wikipedia) +2 . md_caffeiner What I. Microtubules are dynamic polymers of α/β-tubulin heterodimers that align head-to-tail to form protofilaments. Distinct α- and β-tubulin isotypes are expressed in different cell types to achieve diversity in microtubule organization and function. Ti et al. show that human β-tubulin isotypes can regulate basic microtubule properties such as protofilament number and stability The β 2 and β 4 tubulin isotypes were found to predominate in MCF7/ADR cells, although small amounts of β 1 and β 3 were detectable (data not shown). Subsequent fluorography and autoradiography revealed that protein spots that colocalized with the β 2 and β 4 tubulin isotypes were abundantly and specifically labeled with 3 H-T138067 (Fig. tive tubulin-binding region in Cx43CT is deleted (Cx43AJM), ZO-1 binding is still observed, al- though less prominent when compared to full-length Cx43CT, but #I-tubulin binding is abolished (lane 5). Conversely, when the ZO-1 binding motif in Cx43 is absent, as in Cx43JM, tubulin binding remains in- tact (lane 6) The tubulin dimer with bound ligand (α-tubulin-2 and β-tubulin-2 of the T 2 R-TTL-rhizoxin F complex) is shown in surface representation. The vinblastine structure is superimposed onto the β-tubulin chain to highlight the distinct binding site of rhizoxin F

Kawakami et al., 2012. LRRK2 Phosphorylates Tubulin-Associated Tau but Not the Free Molecule: LRRK2-Mediated Regulation of the Tau-Tubulin Association and Neurite Outgrowth. PLoS ONE. 7: e30834. Berezniuk et al., 2012. Cytosolic Carboxypeptidase 1 Is Involved in Processing α- and β-Tubulin. J. Biol. Chem. 287, 6503-6517. Wu et al., 2012 Tubulin is one of several members of a small family of globular proteins. The most common members of the tubulin family are α-tubulin and β-tubulin, the proteins that make up microtubules. Each has a molecular weight of approximately 55 kDa. Antibodies against β-Tubulin are useful as loading controls for Western Blotting

THON AND ROYSE: P-TUBULIN GENE SEQUENCES a wide array of ascomycetes. The results of Donald-son et al (1995) and O'Donnell et al (1998) dem-onstrates the utility of P-tubulin sequences for phy-logenetic studies in the genus Fusarium. The tubulin gene family is composed of three ma-jor groups, the ot, ,3 and y tubulins. at- and p3-tubulins gen bonding force between the β-tubulin and the side-chain of carbendazim from one hydr ogen bond (2.38 Å) to two stronger hydrogen bonds (2.09 Å and 2.20 Å) (Fig. 3F,G), and resulted in the. TTC5 engaged the MREC motif at the N terminus of nascent α-tubulin comparably to the MREI motif on β-tubulin , consistent with position 4 being less critical than positions 2 or 3 . Thus, TTC5 is a nascent polypeptide binding protein specific for the N termini of α- and β-tubulins Interestingly, we demonstrated that β 2 ‐tubulin inhibitor carbendazim can disrupt the interaction between β 2 ‐tubulin and IDH3. The decreased interaction intensity between β 2 ‐tubulin and IDH3 resulted in the decreased expression of IDH3, which can cause the accumulation of acetyl‐CoA, precursor of DON biosynthesis in F. graminearum The expression of the cytoskeletal protein class III β-tubulin isotype is reviewed in the context of human central nervous system development and neoplasia. Compared to systemic organs and tissues, class III β-tubulin is abundant in the brain, where it is prominently expressed during fetal and postnatal development

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Tubulin‐β‐III downregulation has been previously shown to improve sensitivity to multiple chemotherapeutic agents, 46 including epothilone B 47 by predisposing cells to apoptosis through mechanisms other than reduction in mitotic block induced by chemotherapeutic agent. 46, 47 The results of our siRNA tubulin‐β‐III knockdown. A set of phenotypical and biochemical assays further reinforced β-tubulin as the cytotoxic target of chalcones. Peptide mass quantitation by mass spectrometric analysis revealed one peptide potentially labeled by C95, providing information on chalcone's binding site on β-tubulin

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A Tubulin is one of several members of a small family of globular proteins. The most common members of the tubulin family are α-tubulin and β-tubulin, the proteins which make up microtubules. Each has a molecular weight of approximately 55 kiloDaltons. Microtubules are assembled from dimers of α- and β-tubulin A protein subunit of microtubules; it is a dimer composed of two globular polypeptides, α t. and β t.. SEE ALSO: dynein. t. tyrosine ligase an enzyme that covalently links a tyrosine to the C terminal glutamyl residue of t., coupled with th Cellular microtubules composed of α-β-tubulin heterodimers that are essential for cell shape, division, and intracellular transport are valid targets for anticancer therapy. However, not all the conserved but differentially expressed members of the β-tubulin gene superfamily have been investigated for their role in these settings. In this study, we examined roles for the hematologic isoform. Class I β-tubulin, the major isotype of β-tubulin in these Epo-resistant cell lines, has been sequenced in a search for mutations. In the Epo B-resistant A549 cells, there is a mutation at β292 from Gln to Glu, in the Epo A-resistant HeLa cell line there is a mutation at β173 from Pro to Ala, and in the Epo B-resistant HeLa cell line there.

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Zoxamide is the sole β-tubulin inhibitor registered for the control of oomycete pathogens. The current study investigated the activity of zoxamide against Phytophthora sojae and baseline sensitivity was established with a mean EC50 of 0.048 μg/ml. The data is critical for monitoring changes in zoxamide-sensitivity in the field. Three stable resistant mutants with a high resistance level were. Incubation with specific rabbit antibodies for peptide β-tubulin-KLH and enolase at a 1:200 dilution and specific mouse antibody for human α-tubulin at a 1:500 dilution was performed for 1 h. Donkey anti-rabbit and sheep anti-mouse IgG horseradish peroxidase-conjugated antibodies (Amersham Biosciences) and the ECL kit (Amersham) were used to. Tubulin is a protein that constitutes a microtubule in cells. The dimers of α- and β-tubulin form microtubules by polymerizing regularly. Microtubules are present in almost every eukaryotes. The product is a β-tubulin specific monoclonal antibody p14 is a molecular chaperone involved in β‐tubulin folding which catalyzes the release of β‐tubulin monomers from intermediate complexes. Here we demostrate that active p14 protein which we have purified from an overproducing Escherichia coli strain can also release ‐tubulin monomers from tubulin dimers in the presence of an additional.

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beta ‑III Tubulin in Rat Cortical Neurons and GFAP in Rat Astrocytes. beta -III Tubulin was detected in rat cortical neurons using 5 µg/mL neuron-specific Mouse Anti-Neuron-specific beta -III Tubulin Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # MAB1195). GFAP was detected in rat astrocytes using 10 µg/mL Human GFAP Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog # AF2594) Průvodce výslovností: Naučte se vyslovovat β-tubulin v angličtina. Anglický překlad slova β-tubulin α, β-tubulin is a cytoskeletal protein that forms cylindrical structures termed microtubules, which are crucial to the cell for a variety of roles. Microtubules are frequently modelled as one-dimensional bionanowires that act as ion transporters in the cell. In this work, we used dynamic light scattering (D DNAextractionandITS,-tubulin,andcalmodulingenesequenc-ing.Fungal cells on SDA were harvested with a sterilized cotton swab and suspended in 1 ml of autoclaved distilled water. DNA was then extracted from the fungal cells using the DNeasy plant mini kit according to the manufacturer's instructions (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany). The extracte Additionally, β III-tubulin knockdown reduced the pancreatic tumor growth and metastasis in an orthotropic xenograft mouse model. A novel synthetic molecule that is known to overcome multidrug resistance preferentially inhibits the expression of β III and β IV-tubulins via restoring the expression of miR-200c in PanCa cells

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Aberrant expression of β-tubulin isotypes is frequently described in tumor tissues and tubulin-binding agent (TBA)-resistant cell lines. There is limited understanding of the role of specific β-tubulin isotypes in cellular sensitivity to TBAs, and to gain insights into the functional role of βII- and βIVb-tubulin, we examined these isotypes in lung cancer cell lines NCI-H460 (H460) and. Tubulin dimers, typically composed of α- and β-tubulin subunits, assemble onto microtubules forming large polymers. β-III tubulin is a unique microtubule subunit that is found expressed almost exclusively in neurons. Due to the unique expression pattern of β-III tubulin it is often utilized as a marker to identify neuronal cells from other. In order to efficiently screen and isolate β-tubulin inhibitors, β-tubulin was immobilized on core-shell PMMA/CS (poly(methyl methacrylate)/Chitosan) nanoparticles to produce a new type of immobilized affinity material named β-tubulin-immobilized nanoparticles (β-TIN). The selectivity and adsorption performance of β-TIN were characterized using various control drugs. The β-TIN, the.

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Tento systém neslouží pouze pro skládání α/β-tubulinu, ale i pro kontrolu balance mezi α/β-tubulinem a α a β-tubulin monomery! Např. u kvasinek se ukázalo, že vyšší konc. β-tubulinu je letháln Featured Anti-β-Tubulin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3G6), specially designed for your immunoassay as internal control or location staining.,TUBB3; TUBB4; Tubulin beta-3 chain; Tubulin beta-4 chain; Tubulin beta-III,Tubulin is one of several members of a small family of globular proteins. The most common members of the tubulin family are α-tubulin and β-tubulin, the proteins that make up. The β isotypes occur at a high level in brain tissue, and their pattern of expression changes during development of the central and peripheral nervous systems (16, 18, 19). β-Tubulin I is constitutively expressed and constitutes ∼3-4% of total tubulin in brain . β-Tubulin III is expressed in neurons and Sertoli cells and constitutes. Anti-Tubulin β III Antibody Anti-Tubulin Antibody, β III detects level of Tubulin & has been published & validated for use in WB, IH. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information Acetylated α-Tubulin Decreases during TGF-β-induced EMT. Acetylation of α-tubulin is known to be associated with microtubule stability (12, 19, 20). To investigate the role of acetylated α-tubulin in EMT, we compared the levels of acetylated α-tubulin in epithelial cells before and after TGF-β stimulation as well as fibroblasts

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IJMS | Free Full-Text | Taxol®: The First MicrotubuleLong noncoding RNA lnc-TSI inhibits renal fibrogenesis byLomentospora prolificans | Mycology OnlineFigures and data in The eukaryotic translation initiationNeuron - WikipediaSquamous cell carcinoma arising from a localized vulval
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